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May 07, 2018
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Feb 26, 2018
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Memorandum of Understanding

MOU Agreement developed through Collaborative Conferencing

Team Members

CMCEA Collaborative Conferencing Team

Stefi Outlaw

History Teacher, Northeast High

Chris Jarrell

Art Teacher, Montgomery Central High School

Melissa Lindsey

English Teacher, Montgomery Central High School

Jerita Reese

Third Grade Teacher, Kenwood Elementary School

Kimberly Trotter

Reading Teacher, Montgomery Central Elementary School

Dr. Tanisha Taylor

SE Modified Teacher, Kenwood Middle School

Christopher Dial

Social Studies Teacher, Northwest High School

Management Collaborative Conferencing Team

Jessica Harris

Director of Elementary Schools

Jeanine Johnson

Chief Human Resources Officer

Dr. Mary Gist

Director of Middle Schools

Marcia Demorest

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Sean Impeartrice

Chief Academic Officer

Dr. Mason Bellamy

Director of High Schools

Dr. Angela Huff

Chief of Staff